Mini Golf at Kauai Miniature Golf and Botanical Gardens

Aloha! We stopped for mini golf and I did not stop to fix my camera before taking this picture.

Miniature golf places seem to either be old and worn out (yet still enjoyable) or faaaaancy (and enjoyable). This place was in the latter category. It had a ton of plants (the botanical garden part) and really interesting interpretive signs.

We were behind a large group, so there was some hanging out waiting.

The holes were challenging and interesting.

I really liked this graphic. Very nicely done!

More killing time, this time with timer photos.

I had time to grab a picture of this lily. So pretty.

As you can see, I got the most points, and so I won.

Afterward, we got OnoPops and sat in their picnic area. Matt got a green tea variety (he liked it, I didn’t) and I got a Mexican chocolate variety.

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