Minnesota State Fair Day One: Winding Down

We visited the shopping area under the grandstand.  There were many ways to part with your money, including some ice cream, spread thin, and then rolled up.  Sara and I opted for this photo. You can see Shawn and Sara also took pictures here when they visited the fair a few days before I arrived.  

At this point, I was very thirsty, and Shawn and Sara decided to partake of some roasted corn. We first visited this ticket booth (right next to the gator on a stick) to get tickets that would allow us a “pop” (me) and sweet corn (Shawn & Sara)

Then, it was a matter of getting to the front of the large conglomeration of people all headed in the same direction.  There was no “line.”  I used my skills–moving through crowds is one of my secret talents–but got stuck for a long time in front of a woman who had a technique going.

All of those kids in the picture below new their jobs. One or two people pulled corn out of the oven into bins, bunches of people pulled back the husks (leaving them on–they served as holders.) Then other people would grab an ear of corn in each hand and walk up to the counter.  People would hold up their ticket, and exchange it for an ear of corn, usually stopping to pour salt or a cinnamon sugar blend (?) on their ear, or wrap it in foil.  Every once in a while, someone would squeegee off the counter.

The woman in front of me was getting perhaps 10 ears of corn. But she would look at each ear going by and only hold up her ticket if it was a particularly big ear.  So it took forever for her to clear out and for me to step up to the counter.  Once I got my drink, I just had wiggle back out of the crowd.

Corn eaten, pop drunk, we headed for the shuttle buses.  There was a long line (as with everything at the fair) but it gave me a chance to get some photos of the changing lights on the Ferris Wheel.

When it was time for our shuttle we were ferried home in “choir bus” luxury.

Day One at the Fair was a grand success!  I was so glad to attend with seasoned fair-goers.  I would have been overwhelmed without them there to show me the ropes.

4 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair Day One: Winding Down”

  1. That’s a fun picture of us! Iv’e also eaten those frozen grapes on a hot day and was so thankful for their freezy goodness!

    1. I feel like if there had been a third day at the fair, I could have properly prioritized the different foods I didn’t get to. Both frozen grapes and gator on a stick are things I would like to try.

  2. Oh gosh choosy-ear-of-corn woman would have tested my last nerve!

    People teased me so relentlessly over my use of the word “pop” (which I grew up saying) that I trained myself to start saying “soda” instead. 🙁

    1. In non-fair times, choosy ear of corn lady would not have been my favorite. But she gave me a lot of time to watch the system, which was fun.

      I don’t say pop anymore either. But I like the long “o” sound in soda. It’s a better word all the way around.

      You could pretend you are from Boston and call it “tonic.” Then everyone would just be confused.

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