Miss You Already


Birth, death and other stuff, with two wonderful actresses we don’t get to see enough of.*  This movie doesn’t shy away from the cancer stuff, though it also takes a twist not typical of cancer movies.  Overall, a really fabulous film and unfortunately overlooked.

Cost:  $11.00 (one half of $22.00 ticket for the Catherine Hardwicke Double Feature at the POWFeset.)
Where watched: Hollywood Theater

*Plus Dominic Cooper, aka “Bucky” in Captain America.

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/intl/uk/2015/miss_you_already.html
Good lord but I love Toni Collette’s necklaces!

4 thoughts on “Miss You Already”

    1. You do need to see it. Hopefully I used the TFS label.

      I looked up Ms. Berrymore’s production company, and they did not produce this. Their list of films is interesting though, and I’ve seen nearly all of them.

      I’m remembering that Catherine Hardwicke said that once Drew said yes, all the funding fell into place and six weeks later they were filming.

  1. I was so excited reading your review. I was like, “Drew Barrymore, Toni Colette, AND Dominic Cooper? This sounds awesome!” My fingers were headed toward my list. And then I saw “cancer stuff.” Hmm. Will have to ponder it.

    1. You could test my theory that it’s a cancer movie that goes places cancer movies usually don’t. 🙂

      I’m always swearing I will NEVER read another WWII book. And then I find myself reading another WWII book and enjoying it, damn it!

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