Moonshine Mini Mart

 The second of three things of no real value that I can’t let go of in my wallet is a card for the Moonshine Mini Market.  My family would stop here on the drive from Boise to Portland and back.  My parents would buy us scratch lottery tickets (at the time Oregon had scratch offs and Idaho didn’t) and a treat, usually a candy bar or an ice cream sandwich.  Then we would pop up the street to get gas and be on our way.  Unfortunately, the day came when we drove up for our mid-trip pick-me-up only to find that the Moonshine Mini Market was no more.
It was as good as the rest.
I think Keith Moon and I share the same customer service philosophy.
I drove past the site and parked so I could walk back and take a picture.  And what should I spy but the sign!  The road is one way, sending traffic in the opposite direction, so the new owners of the site must have just replaced the side of the sign that the cars would see, leaving this a nice time capsule for me to discover.
And thus ends the record of my wonderful vacation.

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  1. I love that you kept that card all these years. It's good that you have a memento to go along with the memory.

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