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So I’ve come to my senses (a bit) regarding the “new uniform” project, slated for this summer.  In my mind, I was going to have time (and money) to make dozens of aprons.  But I realize that isn’t going to happen and, if I’m lucky, I’ll get the two shirts, two dresses and perhaps ONE apron done.  But I found this great book and here are more awesome aprons, including my apron of choice.
I love the circle skirt aspect of this and the very awesome pockets.
Very cool side pocket.
Good high waist.
Excellent Handkerchief example.
This yoke is fabulous.
Good details here.
So cute!  Like a flirty 50s party dress, but an apron!
Good gathers and a cute pocket.
I love the movement here.
Good detailing.
This is cute, but I think would lead to massive hippage on me.
I like the full body cover of this one and the ruffle.  It’s also reversible.
Sort of your classic “diner waitress” look.
But this is the winner.  I love the yoke, I love the pockets, I love the criss-cross in the back and I love that it has no waist.  I’m not so into the waist right now, at least not mine.
Awesome apron, here I come.  Just as soon as I finish the reunion dress, two work shirts and two work dresses.

4 thoughts on “More Aprons”

  1. I like your selection (and the print is cool – looks like a Chinese plate). I couldn't even consider an apron that didn't have a bib – it's not just the pockets I need, it's the spill protection. And a tunic instead of a pulled-in waist is good because then when you bend over, the front won't bell out and get in the batter. I like the criss-cross too. Although I also like an apron I can stick my arms through without any complicated buttoning maneuvers, because often I forget to put one on until my hands are already sticky.

  2. Aha! I have been reading some of your latest posts in reverse order, and now I realize you do not plan to wear these aprons in the kitchen but in a more officey environment. So spillage is not such an issue.

  3. Very fun! I cannot wait to see the fabric and colors you choose for this.

    I also like the super cool side pocket one. Cream and orange, so nice.

  4. So cute! I love them all. They look better than most of the clothes I'm seeing in the store right now.

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