More Plexiglass at Fred Meyer

Recently, Fred Meyer revamped their check stands in a way I find ridiculous. The checkers can no longer bag at their stations. Instead they must put everything on the conveyor belt to the end. This would be fine if 100% of the time there was a bagger, but in reality 95% of the time I’m in the store, there is no bagger.

In that case, the checker must walk around to the end and bag all the items. (I just bag my own, but not everyone does that.) Then they must walk back to their area. It’s a stupid, inefficient waste of time and clearly no one asked the people working what would make sense for them.

They also made it so the back half of the check stand is open, where once it was not. This also turns out to be dumb because: global pandemic. And so now we have these plexiglass structures.

2 thoughts on “More Plexiglass at Fred Meyer”

  1. So many decisions made from on high without even talking too (Obvi) that people who actually use these spaces. Not a good pandemic reality—or I should say a reflection of the ways that trickle down decision making rarely works out well–I guess it doesn’t need to be a pandemic specific.

    1. Yeah, the restyling came before the pandemic. But it’s now that much worse that they have to navigate around plexiglass to get to the bagging area. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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