Morning Walk to Mail Announcements

Though I felt like I was tempting fate to mail announcements before the ceremony, my want to get those envelopes out the door ASAP outweighed my worry about tempting fate. So I set off for the post office. Here’s what I saw along the way.

This gorgeous building, currently not occupied.

I love all the brickwork and detail.

These lovely lights.

This mural.

The actual mailing of the announcements. You can see I was nearly 14 minutes into my walk when I took this picture.

This was my favorite find.

Look at these great stairs. And landscaping!

More great muralage.

A gorgeous old Woolworth’s building. (A thing I just learned from Wikipedia while looking up the possessive situation with the Woolworth name: On October 20, 2001, the company changed names again; taking the name of its top retail performer and became Foot Locker, Inc., which Woolworth started in 1974. The corporate history of Woolworth is legally included in the history of Foot Locker, Inc., which is the legal continuation of Woolworth. Who knew? Not me!)

I thought it was interesting that Idaho ranch land was offered for sale in Tacoma.

This gorgeous quartet of ghost murals. I think a building must have come down fairly recently for that outfitting company’s to be so vibrant. That, or it is a recreation. But see that line above it? I’m leaning toward the first theory.

And more ghost murals.

Who knew that Rossell G. O’Brien started this particular tradition? Not me! (It’s slightly less interesting than the Woolworth/Footlocker connection.)

Even more muralage, this time with the building at the beginning of the post.

This gorgeous mosaic.

And finally, back at the Elks Temple, the joy that is the fifth floor.

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