My walk to work

Since January 25, my first day at work, I’ve been pretty darn good about getting off at the Rose Quarter and walking over the Steel Bridge.  I think I’ve not done it fewer than five times.  One challenge I have with taking the same walk over and over is that things can feel stale.  So I try to look for small changes as I walk.

Here is my approach to the bridge.  I have a picture of this from 2007 covered in wildflowers.  Alas, it’s reverted to grass. She’s a persistent one, that grass.  For a two-week period earlier in the year this was covered in Canada geese chomping away.  But they moved to another part of their life cycle after some point and the rain eventually washed all their poop off the sidewalk.IMG_5417

I believe this random post used to have more than a No Parking sign on it.  But who knows what it was?  Regardless, the end of the horizontal post is open and for a period of time (I assume it was nesting time) I would usually see a sparrow perching at the edge of the opening and chirping away.


My first view of downtownIMG_5419

A way to measure peak moss.  We have moved through Peak Moss Month (this year: March) and the moss has started to recede.  IMG_5420

My next view of downtown.IMG_5421

This grain silo operation is continually fascinating to me.  Sometimes the ships are *poof* suddenly there.  And then they sit for a week or more.  Why do they sit so long? And why do I mostly never see any sailors on the ships?  I once came across the ship being filled, which was quite fun to watch. IMG_5422

Today we have a barge.  I always like barges, probably because I learned the song “Barges” at Girl Scout camp. IMG_5423

Work is being done on the Steel Bridge.  Can you spot the workers?IMG_5424

Another game I’ve been playing is to see when all the slips are filled with boats.  At first there were just two, but they’ve been slowly arriving as we have so much nice weather.  Also, I really like that condominium complex.  Though it’s more geometric than I would choose to build, I think it’s aged well and looks great against the river and the city.IMG_5425

It took several weeks for me to notice that the black sign lights up with the words “stopped vehicles ahead”.  And then several more weeks to figure out what triggers it.  The train is the trigger.  When the Green and Yellow lines make the hard turn to the right at the base of the bridge all traffic must stop, so the sign illuminates.IMG_5426

The beach where a lot of dogs play.  I don’t think that beach was there earlier in the year, so I will watch the water level change.IMG_5427

Over the tracks. I often think of Jan when I walk this part, as she lived in for some time in an apartment that is just out of view.IMG_5428

These three semi trucks are parked behind the abandoned fire station house I would like to renovate.IMG_5429

As you can see, homeless people have taken to living in them.

IMG_5430 IMG_5431

It is easy to get around this fence.IMG_5432 IMG_5433

I am quite pleased with the renovation of this building. It sat empty for many of my years living in Portland.  There seems to be a gym in the basement.  I enjoy wondering if today will be the day I look up to see what gym it is.IMG_5434

The red brick building is the old Blanchet House.  When the new Blanchet House was built on the opposite corner of the block, the billboard space became less desirable.  So this billboard is slowly being peeled away by the elements.  It’s also exposing its signage precursor.IMG_5435

At this point, my camera battery died, so you will have to wait to see other highlights from my walk to work.

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  1. I lived in that apartment for over 3 years (Oct. 2001 – Jan. 2005)! Seems so long ago now. Those apartment buildings were brand new at the time. The condos on the river predated them. They were a different color then – IIRC an ugly, dated brown. They look much better now! I don’t remember there ever being beach by them. Perhaps the river never got low enough when I lived there.

    Nice tour! Lots of stuff that’s nostalgic for me, and lots that’s new.

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