Napkins Finished

When I blocked the last napkin, I noticed a small tear in the side that was going to upend the creation of the napkins. I left it blocked for many weeks while I puzzled over how to solve the problem.

In the end, I realized if I used the same wash away sticky thing I used to transfer the pattern to the material, I could stick the tear together and then straight stitch over it in a tight weave. That would shore up the torn area so I could stitch it to the napkin backing. And that’s what I did.

For people who are fans of looking at the back of emboridery:

And the final product. I’m hoping that how not-great the blue of the napkins was a function of the light. The downside of reusing bedsheets, I guess.

These will be sent off to friends Julie and Graham in thanks for the couch hauling.

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