New Building coming on NW 5th & NW Glisan

I spent some time staring at the photo accompanying this pubic hearing notice.  It didn’t seem to fit with the neighborhood.  After a time, I realized that it was an old notice–they had glued the new notice on top of it, and the rain had loosened the current notice which had slid and stuck.

So here’s what’s coming. And I found a great site: Next Portland: Architecture and Development in PDX.  Here’s what they have to say about this project. (Includes multiple renderings of the site with the new building.)

Here’s the site itself.  The green wall is a 1954-era building that would be removed. There is no mention of the removal of the Three Points Oil building, but that would disappear too.

Overall, it seems like a good use for this corner.  All other surrounding buildings would be preserved. Chinatown could use more residential units, so I’m calling this a win.

It will affect my walking route over the Steel Bridge during construction, though.  That will be annoying.

4 thoughts on “New Building coming on NW 5th & NW Glisan”

  1. Good thing it is a win. Less surface parking lots and more underground parking with usable residential space seems good to me.

    Thanks for “letting” me stop by. It was a nice break from some of my other to do list items that are part of school.

    1. I’ve been going through a stage where I look at all the new construction and marvel at just where all the people who inhabit the apartments/condos are coming from.

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