Postcard from St. Louis

Regular commenter Jan went to St Louis and sent me this card.

She told me that the tour inside the arch had a strong 1960s vibe that she thought I would enjoy.  Indeed, I have been to the Gateway Arch and have very fond memories, though that was in 1989 when perhaps the 1960s vibe wasn’t so prominent.

3 thoughts on “Postcard from St. Louis”

  1. It’s funny when this came up in my reader I thought…wait…I didn’t send her a postcard from my Nov. trip to St. Louis. How fun that two of your peeps were in the same space around the same time. I didn’t tour the arch, though. And my trip post of my visit to MO was put up today. Pike Schemes is updated through NOV. Yay for breaks!

  2. Wow, it’s pretty funny that two of your friends from two different states were visiting a third state in the same month! The tour video seemed on the newer side, so perhaps it didn’t have that retro vibe in 1989.

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