Three sentence movie reviews: Thor: Ragnorak

Chris Hemsworth is already quite stunning in the looks department,  is a fine actor, and thus, it seems unfair that he would also have great comedic timing.*  But he does, and this movie is delightful in a wacky way most Marvel movies aren’t.  Tessa Thompson is also fun to watch, as is the director as Korg.

Cost: free due to birthday gift cards
Where watched: Regal City Center Stadium 12, with Matt

*I mean really, must he be good at everything?

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Thor: Ragnorak”

  1. Really, must he be? That family has too much going for it! I have heard such great things about Tessa Thompson (of VM fame!).

  2. I loved this film. It was so much fun! It’s funny, I only ever think he’s crazy handsome when he has long hair. When it’s short he’s very meh to me. Still love him as an actor though.

    1. I feel like your long hair preference has to do with your adolescence spent in the late 80s/early 90s. I have it too.* I mentioned INXS’s Michael Hutchence to my much younger co-worker. She didn’t know who he was, and when she googled him, the first thing she said, was “he needs a haircut.” I was so surprised I could only respond with a gasp of outrage.

      *Although I find Chris Hemsworth dreamy no matter the length of hair.

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