New display shelves for the living room

When we got the new TV in November it messed up the photo display by being too big. The lower photos in the display were blocked by its massive size.  I took everything down and the photos sat for a few months while I figured out what to do.

The other thing that happened is that we lost the display space on top of the television. (Flat screen drawback!) I had been displaying my postcards and a rotation of photos that had rotated out of the photo mobile.  Not to mention birthday cards. Where are we going to put those now?

The blank space above the TV is still there.  Nothing yet has moved me to fill it. But I did install two floating shelves, one each for postcards and photo, and reinstalled the fancy decorative shelf with photo frames we received as gifts at a wedding (that couple has long since divorced, but their wedding gifts live on). Here’s the long (blurry, sorry) shot:

And here’s the close-up view.

That stack of photos only looked like that for a few days.  I had the windows open, and kept hearing a strange noise at odd intervals.  Eventually I wandered over and discovered that the photos had been being blown off their perch one by one.  They are now sitting in the same folding holder they used to be in and that keeps them safe from the wind.

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