New perch from the Vertical Cat

In the middle of an otherwise uneventful June night, I was slumbering away when suddenly, there was a terrible crash.  It was the cat perch falling to the ground, taking with it a surprised Sentinel.

I ordered a new cat perch the next morning, but then my grammar class started and I had no time to install it when it arrived.  However, the work for my grammar class is now finished, and the cat perch has been installed.

I’m quite happy with the quality of this cat perch, bought from the Vertical Cat.  It cost double the price of the cheap thing I bought from a big box pet store, but I think the quality is probably quadruple.

And now, pictures of me bribing the cats to explore their new perch. Without being coaxed by treats, they are not so into the perch.  I think they remember the other one falling, but hopefully this one will be accepted eventually.

3 thoughts on “New perch from the Vertical Cat”

    1. They have indeed. It took a while, probably because it sits under the windowsill, and not above it. But they hang out there now. Thank goodness.

  1. Haha, poor Sentinel! I’m glad he wasn’t injured in the fall, and happy that both cats have now accepted the new perch.

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