New Year’s Eve Plans

New Year’s Eve is my least favorite day of the year and so, with Matt out of town, I made some plans.  Double feature!


The beautiful Hollywood Theater has the Roadshow production of Quentin Tarintino’s The Hateful Eight.  To hear more about what makes the Roadshow different, watch this feature.  Samuel Jackson says you should go.  And when Samuel Jackson says stuff, you know it’s true.  So I went!

And look at the bendy screen!  It’s so big, it didn’t even fit within my camera lens.


After the Hateful Eight, I had some dinner at a trolley sushi place, and then went back to see Joy.  It was a good way to spend the holiday.

One thought on “New Year’s Eve Plans”

  1. I think I’ll probably always be in love with how beautiful the Hollywood Theater is. It sounds like a lovely, casual way to spend NYE. We were supposed to have a casual dinner with two friends, and then hang out at home with two other friends, but the female of couple 2 got sick, so we just did the dinner part and went home. Dan watched Star Trek and I worked on my manuscript. It was very exciting. 😛

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