No longer a KFC. Parking space not included.

When I moved to Kenton in 2007, this lot at the corner of N. Lombard and N. Fenwick was a KFC with a drive-through and a parking lot.  The KFC closed a few years later.  The building was taken down and the lot has been empty for some time.  I recall a fluttering of plans for something, but those did not come to pass.  But now we have what looks like a six-unit complex that has been built on the lot.  And it looks like there will be another six-unit complex arriving soon.  This is located a block away from the Lombard Transit center, so hopefully many people without cars will rent these places.  However, if they do have a car, they will be parking the neighborhood.  It’s past time for the Portland City Council to start figuring out  a parking system for the city.  Big, compact cities have parking enforcement throughout.

Interestingly, the Google Map of the corner has not erased the presence of the KFC, or the parking lot.  While I don’t think it should instantaneously show a new building, the building it is showing hasn’t existed for years.

3 thoughts on “No longer a KFC. Parking space not included.”

    1. Parking below only happens with really big, block-sized units. And not even always then. The big building down the street has a small courtyard of parking, but nothing underground. Why build parking when you don’t have to, and there is free street parking? I’m thinking in 10 years this will be a very different situation. But perhaps not. Perhaps we will still be limping along.

  1. I feel significantly less sad to see a KFC go away! However, I’m appalled by the poor planning that goes into putting up so many apartment/condo buildings without parking. Having lived in a city where going anywhere included the stress of figuring out where to park, I don’t wish that on anyone. At least Portland has better public transit than 95% of other American cities.

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