Northern California Bound

Here we are, ready to go! Matt looks a little more ready than I do.

We stopped for a quick picture in front of this Coast Guard light house station.

Our next stop was the John Dellenback Dunes Trail.

Matt wanted to hike all the way to the beach and back but 1)hiking on sand is not my favorite thing and 2)the sign said to allow five hours (FIVE HOURS!) to do this and I was already hungry for lunch.

We did a loop instead.

Thanks to a hot tip from the Oregonian, we stopped for fish and chips at the Bandon Bait Shop.

It was a full-on bait shop that also offered food. Someone had collected a variety of those plastic figures that move when the sun hits them.

The Oregonian did not steer us wrong. This was an excellent plate of fish and chips. It also came with ketchup, which I gave to Matt. He gave me his tarter sauce.

Then a good meal called for a good dessert.

This was the place where I was thinking about getting fudge, but then noticed the workers loading dry powder into a fudge “machine.” I chose ice cream instead. I can make real fudge at home.

Onward to California!

In fun vacation planning news, we planned our vacation around Crescent City, where we were staying. A week before we left, I discovered that though we had made a reservation for a place in what I thought was Crescent City, we had actually made a reservation for a place in Eureka.

Both of us are terrible vacation planners. The trip to Eurika added another 90 minutes of driving and turned a short day’s drive into a long day’s drive.

3 thoughts on “Northern California Bound”

  1. Yay! Past you is coming to visit past me! And take in the sights of not Crescent City! Oh and go on vacation! I think you managed to enjoy the trip even thought it was in need of alteration.

    I really like the car timer selfie and those tasty looking fish and chips.

    1. It was a fun trip. But still, how did we mess up that reservation???

      Those fish and chips were amazing. I still think fondly of them. So fresh. So expertly fried.

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