On the way to volunteering

The renovation of Eddie’s Flat Iron Pizza building has been going on since at least May.  I’m not sure why it’s taking so long.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell what the plan is, but for sure they are splitting the space into to spaces.  There was a lot of work going on on the right side of this picture, before it spread around to the front.  But I think they are also taking off the early 80s pink-ish tile and have some plan for a new surface.  But look what was underneath! I love to find old signage on buildings. IMG_4572

It used to be a place called the Ice Cream Bowl.  And I bet there used to be a stucco exterior and a lot of deco glass blocks once upon a time too.  IMG_4573

As an update on 9/23, I walked by and they have hacked away this entire porch/entrance structure.  The entrance is now flat with the tiled area.  I was disappointed to see it go, so much so that I didn’t take a picture.

Just up the  block you can see an unfortunate thing that happened over the summer.  I’m guessing fireworks, but I don’t know for sure.


One thought on “On the way to volunteering”

  1. Oh no, they took down that entryway? It just needed a little TLC and it would have been beautiful again. Boo. I hope whatever they do to finish it will be snazzy, but somehow I doubt it. Sad about the burned out trees, but at least it went out (or was put out) before it did damage to the neighboring house.

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