One Story: Momentum


Due to a hitch in the giddy-up of the beginning of my subscription to One Teen Story I received two issues in quick succession.*  This was a very good saying goodbye story, in this case two friends about to be separated after their high school graduation.

I also dig the cover.  I have to say, the presentation of One Teen Story is much more fun than One Story. You get a cover design and there are little YouTube clips.

*Although looking at the website, I see that I missed an issue between the two.  To contact customer service again or not? Hmmm.  That missing story does look quite good.

5 thoughts on “One Story: Momentum”

  1. I really love that this exists. Considering a subscription…just getting in Back to School mode and I am hesitant to take up new things. Even awesome new things. Hmmm…

    Also on the to do list for today? 3 new blog posts…which catapulted the blog into JUNE 2016! Those spotlight posts are killer!

    1. I love the spotlight posts too!

      And my two cents about subscribing is that they are tiny. So even if they pile up for the whole school year, the pile won’t be very big. Also, I think they are still having a sale. I think the code is “SUMMER”

  2. I would like that story. I think that’s something that gets glossed over a lot in fiction & in real life, how difficult it can be to leave behind the life you’ve known when you go off to college (or on another life adventure).

    Hmm, I perhaps would enjoy One Teen Story over One Story. I almost never read adult fiction anymore.

    1. I’ve liked them both. But I confess, the One Teen Story has really great cover design, so I like it a little better.

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