Oregon Humanities Dear Stranger has a quick turn around.

I participated in Oregon Humanities first Dear Stranger project where you write a letter to a stranger (the theme was “me”) send it to Dear Stranger at Oregon Humanities with a SASE. They shuffle the letters and send you one, theoretically from another part of the state.  I got my letter in right before the May 5 deadline, but I was still surprised to find a letter in my mailbox on May 9.  
My letter was not from someone in Oregon, it was from a student in Wisconsin who was writing the letter as part of a college assignment.  She also did not include a return address, so that was unfortunate.  Still, I enjoyed the mail and hope that the person who got my letter will write me back.  I really need more pen pals.  
If you are interested in participating in Dear Stranger in August, sign up for the Oregon Humanities newsletter.

2 thoughts on “Oregon Humanities Dear Stranger has a quick turn around.”

  1. That's too bad that she didn't include her return address. Since she was a student, perhaps she was moving at the end of the year? I also hope you hear back from the person who got your letter!

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