Our volunteer Mary is the best.

Mary is a woman in her 80s who volunteers once per week at school.  She is full of fun and a kindred spirit of sorts, because she loves to go on walks and take pictures.

First, I must give you background.
Here is the sign on the inside of the door to the teacher bathroom.
(All adults can use the teacher bathroom at our school.  Sigh.)
This sign has been here as long as we have.  It came with the building.

Here are the lockers in the corner of the teacher bathroom.
And here are labels on the lockers.  The lockers came to us second-hand, so we have no idea who these guys are.  Charlie’s locker used to have a small sticker that said, “Fish On!” but it fell off a few years ago.
And here’s the poem that appeared on the side of the locker one day.
Mary left it anonymously, but we figured her out.

They’re gone, but not forgotton
immortalized in the loo
They are noticed in private moments,
those semi-anonymous two.
So here’s to Steve, Charlie and also
to some artful, anoymous wit.
We OPEN it ever so SLOWLY
and not nobody never gets hit.

One thought on “Our volunteer Mary is the best.”

  1. So very fun! I always like use of the term loo. And to be a poem bomber is even better. I'd love to meet Mary!

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