Pine Street Market with S&S

Sara and Shawn came back through town and we went to dinner at the new Pine Street Market, which is where a bunch of gourmet-type restaurants all banded together to sell their wares and share a big seating area.  You might recognize the concept from the mall food court. But this has better quality food.

My food was good, but I didn’t love the noise level or the fact that some places had table service and some did not.

What I did love was the Wiz Bang Bar, which is Salt & Straw‘s foray into soft serve.IMG_5672

I got salted caramel with chocolate dip (which is more magic shell than dip–although I guess they are probably the same thing) and it was delicious!

I did not take any photos with Shawn and Sara.  Perhaps when they get their posts up, there will be pictures.

3 thoughts on “Pine Street Market with S&S”

  1. My photo of that day looks almost exactly the same as yours. Ice cream only…sad. See previous note on postcard from MN.

    1. On the first read-through of this comment, I couldn’t figure out why your ice cream was sad. But now I get it. It’s the lack of people photos that is sad.

  2. Oh, that sounds tasty as all get out. I finally went to Salt & Straw’s newish (this year) Venice location when I visited up there in July. I no longer recall what flavor I got, but I liked it.

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