Portland! Would you like some more ice?

The answer is no, no we would not like more ice.  But we got it!

It wasn’t terrible ice this time.  The roads were okay and it mostly just made things look pretty.  Like my flowering quince.
And the neighbors’ back porch

And even my garbage and recycling bins

3 thoughts on “Portland! Would you like some more ice?”

  1. Those shots of the flowering quince are very nice indeed! Although I suspect the flowers probably didn’t survive their ice bath.

    1. They did! That flowering quince is very hardy. I don’t like it much as a bush because it likes to grab and poke me and it’s right next to the worm composting bins. But it’s a great survivor. The summer it was very hot and I neglected to water everything, it actually flourished.

  2. This is a total win! Completely beautiful! My comments are during a non-ice zone. And the flowers survived!

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