Postcard from Minneapolis

My camera was confused by all the colors on this postcard and took a rather dark picture, which I then brightened in post.*  Sara reports that the day after she wrote this, she plans on having a working day. So far her semester has been filled with campus/school site things. But she’s got a long to-do list and she’s going to tackle it.

I’m sure that she did!

*”We’ll fix it in post!” I like to make that excuse about stuff. Sometimes things get fixed in post production, sometimes not.

2 thoughts on “Postcard from Minneapolis”

  1. Or maybe not! Ha! I have been very hard on myself lately for not being able to accomplish when I envision in the time allotted (see previous comment about email time 1 hour vs. 4). I need to find that balance. Here it is just after 2:00 and I have a lot still to accomplish. Now that my email is done, my reader is clear, and I’ve had my lunch, I am ready to get into the thick of it!

    I loved that postcard. So colorful. Perfect to send on a slightly dreary winter day.

    1. See! So well done!

      Sometimes I go through phases of timing myself to see how long it takes me to do things. Because I also suffer from the feeling that this won’t take long. And then it does.

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