Postcard from Norway

At least I think it’s from Norway.  Check in the comments, after Sara reads, there will be a yea or a nay posted to that query.

This is from Sara and is funny on many levels.  One: naked hiker.  Two: Sara picking it out and actually purchasing it from the clerk.  Three: oh, I’ll just let Sara tell it.
“How could I not send this to you!  You know I was embarrassed to purchase it and had a funny interaction with the Eastern European clerk.  The other funny thing is that this was just one of the almost ten version s of odd nudity in the woods/fjord/skiing, etc.  I hope you got a laugh.”

Yep-per.  I did indeed.

2 thoughts on “Postcard from Norway”

  1. Yes, Norway! The fjords in fact! There were a few that would have had to be censored to even be sent in the mail in the US. And the predominance of nudity was of the male variety. I kind of forgot it might appear here. Too funny! I just knew you wouldn't expect it…and that would make it even funnier.

    The funny part was that I put this postcard at the bottom of a pile of 4 other ones. I was just wanting to camouflage this card. I fanned them out for the clerk so he could see the 5, but didn't actually hand them over. He really wanted me to do so, but I just held on to them. It was pretty funny. We were in a major tourist area, so I am sure it could have been chocked up to a cultural differences. Everyone who worked in Flaam, for the most part, was from another part of Europe.

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