Postcard from San Antonio

Here’s an actual postrcossing postcard, not one from my friends. This postcard is from Diana, who tells me that this is the Riverwalk at Christmas, but that San Antonio also has a Sea World and several large Army and Air Force Bases.  As I’ve not been to San Antonio, this is handy to know.

2 thoughts on “Postcard from San Antonio”

  1. I've driven through San Antonio a couple of times but never stopped. The downtown looks pretty nice. We've always wanted to stay in a hotel on the river and do the river walk. Perhaps we shall now that the weather is finally cooling down.

  2. Many people that I know who have been there find that the hype of the river walk does not actually match up with the reality of the river walk. Though, my mom loves it, so I suppose it depends on your perspective!

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