Postcard from Taiwan & California

This is from A-Chien who lives in Kaohsiung and is 37 years old.  A-Chein especially likes this tower.
I’m going to start taking pictures of the super awesome stamps that come with some of the postcards.  This had four different stamps, all different.  So cool.
This is from Lori, who works at the Chandelier Tree and is a non-drinking bartender.  When I registered the card, I wrote her that I was once a vegetarian meat seller.

2 thoughts on “Postcard from Taiwan & California”

  1. I really like that tower too. Beautiful! My most recent postcard came with an absolutely stunning drawing on the back. I think I'll post it on my blog.

  2. Extra stampage makes the top one even more fun! So colorful. I almost like the stamps more than the postcard.

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