Postcard from Vienna

This is from my cousin Ron, who always travels anyway, but also gets some sort of travel stipend in his retirement.  He reports it was difficult to find a postcard of Vienna that wasn’t a depiction of 50 years ago.  (I have noticed this problem of late also, and I am not at all happy.)

Cousin Ron reports that the city is large, but they have quickly gotten used to walking, using the subway and taking buses.  Also, apparently the food is not expensive, so they have been indulging in a lot of pastry.

This came in an envelope, so I thought I would include the stamp.

5 thoughts on “Postcard from Vienna”

  1. That’s and interesting observation of postcards. I just get frustrated if there aren’t any. But I guess they are less popular (???? are they) theses days just as all snail mail is (????is it?). I mean I send a lot a postcards so I am not really the right person to ponder this. Now I will be more on the lookout for this phenomenon.

    1. And now I’ll go into my historical analysis.

      Back in the day, when people went on trips, they had to capture their experience by taking photographs during the trip, return home, get the photos developed. Only then could they show them to their friends and family. And friends and family who lived far from them would have to come and visit to see the photos. The postcard sped up that process. But now everyone can take and share pictures (for free) while on their trip, so I can see why people would not prioritize that task that also involves buying special stamps that aren’t sold at the grocery store/ATM.

      I have good access to quality postcards because Portland has such a great craft scene. But I would bet people in smaller towns don’t. It’s this trend that has me wanting to reestablish my Postcrossing habit, just to keep the postcard love going. There’s a time and money issue there, though.

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