Postcards from Germany and Brazil and Slovenia and Belarus

Four postcrossing postcards arrived today.

This is from Manuela, who “is 29 [or possibly 25] years young girl.”  Among other things, she likes working on her puzzle with 18,000 pieces.IMG_5030

This is from Gisele in Brazil, who tells me this is a picture of a plant called capim dourado and is used to make a variety of things like bags, flowerpots and earrings.  Just the kind of information I love to learn.IMG_5031

Meuara writes from Slovenia that she should be studying for geography (she’s 14) but she decided to write me a postcard instead.  One of her favorite books is Wonder by RJ Palacio. I’ve read that book, so I was able to write back about that.IMG_5032

Marysia writes from Belarus.  She reports that she is a beautiful and kind whitecoat seal.  Apparently seals like sending postcards just as much as humans do.IMG_5033

I believe four postcards in one day is a record.  I love Postcrossing and I love getting postcards and I continue to marvel that they arrive in multiples on the same day, despite being sent from all over the globe. Given my druthers, I would rather have four separate days of my mailbox being happy, but this seems to be a case of like things clumping together.

2 thoughts on “Postcards from Germany and Brazil and Slovenia and Belarus”

  1. These are all quite fun. I would never pick up a basket weaving postcard. I like that the postcrosser who sent that to you did pick it up.

    It is interesting that they came all together. I plan for mine to travel together and they often do not. Which is interesting, too!

  2. That cat postcard is kind of mesmerizing. It’s so natural, but on the other hand, it seems like a strange pose to capture two cats in and put on a postcard. Whenever my cat sticks her tongue out like that, it cracks us up.

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