Requiem: Two Bags

This is a red Timbuk2 bag I bought three or four years ago to be my main work bag.  It was great! That double zipper in the front was to hold a yoga mat (Or a 2×4! quipped Tim when I showed it to him.  I never ever used it to hold a yoga mat or any lumber, but remembering his comment made me smile on multiple occasions.)  It was roomy inside, had good pockets for my various things, I liked the color and plus…IMG_5034

It could convert into a backpack if the occasion called.  This came in handy when I wanted to take a long walk.  Despite washing, it’s pretty stained, and my new go-to-work routine calls for a real backpack, so this bag will be moving along.IMG_5035

I bought this bag in preparation for my Washington DC trip in 2009. It was exactly what I needed: a smaller bag that held a ton of things.  And that’s what it has been.  It’s pretty, and its faux leather and maybe partially suede exterior doesn’t show stains. It easily holds my cell phone, camera, a book (sometimes two) a water bottle, plus a small notepad and pens and pencils.IMG_5036

Those things on the side were manufactured to hold water bottles, but water bottles didn’t really fit.  So I put a foldable bag in one and sunglasses in another.  It was all very handy.IMG_5037However, it’s pretty worn out.  It will move onto it’s second life.  Originally I thought the second life would be to go to the Goodwill, but I realized at work today I need a bag to put bank deposits in.  So I will bring it to work.

2 thoughts on “Requiem: Two Bags”

  1. That Timbuk2 bag looks like it took a real beating in just a few years! Must be all that Portland weather. I’m rather glad bag 2 is going to remain in your life. It’s too pretty to give up yet.

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