Downtown McMenamins Passport Page Complete!

Here we go, chipping away at another page.  Matt, outside the 23rd Avenue Bottle Shop.  This shop is newer than our Passports, but we still had to get the stamp.  This place can meet all of your McMenamins-related alcohol needs.IMG_5022

Across the parking lot from the Bottle Shop is McMenamins Tavern & Pool.IMG_5023

Onward to Hoyt, where we found the Ram’s Head.IMG_5024

A quick stop at the Blue Moon.IMG_5025

Then a long walk to the Market Street Pub where we got our last stamp and waited for a table so we could get our burger.IMG_5026

Here’s our completed page.  We got our Mission Theater stamp when we went to the alien abduction movie last spring.IMG_5027

And here’s my burger.  And oyster crackers came with my clam chowder!IMG_5028

I noticed that the lamp wasn’t going anywhere.  It’s screwed to the tabletop.IMG_5029

2 thoughts on “Downtown McMenamins Passport Page Complete!”

  1. You know, in all the time I lived there, I don’t think I ever stepped foot in the Ram’s Head once. I used to frequent the Blue Moon a lot, though. I love that lamp. It has a very 1920s feel.

    I’m quite impressed with your ability to continue visiting McMenamins without getting sick of them.

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