Postcards from Russia and WDC

I love the simple line drawing on this postcard.  David sent me a portion of Charles Bukowski’s poem “Consummation of Grief” which is striking and which I have fallen in love with. Thanks David.

This came from one half of my favorite blog: Pike Schemes.  We will see each other very soon and she is as excited as I am.  Because there’s nothing like a little trans-continental postcard communication when a face-to-face meeting in the hometown is imminent, though still seeming to be very far away.  Thanks Sara!
She apparently also was cleaning out her stamp collection.

2 thoughts on “Postcards from Russia and WDC”

  1. The Russian postcard is so nice. I can see why 'the travel postcard' is not favored when this sort if loveliness is out there. My postcard was a calendar of vinatge postcards in another life. It makes me happy to reuse it in a fun way. And yes, I put on the old stamp before I knew how many 1 cent riders I would need. Though after I did it, I thought it might amuse you! I'm glad it did!

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