Postcards from Russia, Virgina and Virginia

This is from Vladimir.  He hopes I like his postcard.  I do!

This is from my friend Sara (of Pike Schemes fame) to represent the “real” postcard world.

She also sent this postcard, which she made herself.  Astute readers with long memories might remember this picture from this post back in 2012.  I had the photo displayed prominently at my house because I loved it so, but Matt was not as much of a fan and was making noises about throwing it away, so I tucked it into Sara’s Christmas present that year.  And she loved it too.  But now it has come back to me as a beautiful postcard I can hang on my wall.  I love it!
Note from the future.  Several WEEKS after I received this post card, I was weeding out front when the mail carrier came by.  “I just loved that picture of you in the denim overalls at the wedding!” she told me. “I laughed and laughed.”  It took me a moment to figure out what she was talking about, but then I put it together and told her that it wasn’t me in the short-alls, and then gave her the background.  Well done Sara!

5 thoughts on “Postcards from Russia, Virgina and Virginia”

  1. Vladimir's postcard is quite nice. Rather pastoral! Shawn laughed and laughed at my crummy taping job. It is certainly something my postcrossers would rate me low on sending to them. I'm glad we have the inside scoop to find it terribly amusing!!

    I told Shawn the story about the mail carrier and we were quite amused by it. Then we thought that your mail carrier must just have the most fun. You get so many cool postcards from everywhere. You likely get more personal mail than most people who live near you. We laughed too at the prospects of receiving one of my sticker covered letters. I always wonder what mail carriers think! Such a fun post!

    I just love that we have stayed "old-fashioned" and kept up our written correspondence!

  2. And ummm…She's so blond. I suppose you could have been doing the blech thing back then. Many were. I could take you for the friend in the jacket dress…

  3. I think our mail carrier does like us quite a bit. Matt gets letters and postcards too, from his mom, so between that and my dealings, plus the time he ran down the street after her in his boxers, because he needed to get something in a mail, she totally knows who we are. She even rolled down her window and waved once when I was walking in the neighborhood and nowhere near my house. See what good all your mailings do!

  4. Your mail carrier thought you were the blonde in that picture? I am DYING here. That is too much. All of these cards are so great. Sometimes I wish I had your mailbox, but my mailbox is pretty good too.

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