Postcards from Write Around Portland, Joshua Tree, Ukrane

Three postcards arrived in the mail today and none of them were from Postcrossing.

I’m taking a writing class through Write Around Portland and the second of the wonderful surprises of the class (the first is that there are always snacks to eat during the class) is that each week we get a postcard from our instructor complimenting some aspect of our writing.  It’s very sweet.

The Aunts went on a trip and Aunt Pat sent me this postcard. Guess where they visited?
I have a friend living in the Ukraine for 10 months and she sent me a postcard.  It took her three months to discover where they were keeping the postcards in the Ukraine. Sadly, she does not share this with me, so if you visit the Ukraine, you will have to find them on your own.   She also observes that all the buildings are ice cream colored.

Thanks Write Around Portland, Aunt Pat and Margaret!

2 thoughts on “Postcards from Write Around Portland, Joshua Tree, Ukrane”

  1. Very fun! The postcard from your teacher is very cool! Whenever I traveled anywhere during the school year I sent my kids surprise postcards. They had no idea they were coming. Those kids were so thrilled and always thought they were the only ones who got one! 🙂 Then they would come to school and find out, I love all of my stars! Usually I beat the postcards back to town, so that made it even more surprising! I love doing that!

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