Pu’u O Kila Lookout and Pihea Visa Trail

We took advice from one of our guidebooks that said to drive to the end of Waimea Canyon Road and work your way back down. In doing that, we drove to Pu-u O Kila Lookout and did a hike to Pihea Overlook.

Here’s the view from the lookout. We were very lucky in that it was sunny through most of our hike. This area is known for constant clouds rainfall.

From the start of the trail. The beginning part has views on both sides. You can tumble either way.

Matt explores the view from the edge.

It was fun walking along the ridge.

I also enjoyed this very unique (to me at least) moss.

The part of the trail to Pihea Overlook involved a lot of moving ourselves upward. Another plus of it being dry and sunny is that there was much less sliding in the mud.

This was the hike where we observed people in the parking lot and thought they had probably slipped and fallen, but discovered that just getting ourselves through the trail muddied our legs as if we had fallen. I did fall once, but the mud on my legs came from hauling myself up that narrow trail. And I was very glad I brought my hiking poles.

Here are a few wisps of clouds.

And here we are at the vista.

Matt takes steps to make sure he won’t fall.

Clouds moving in.

Some of the trademark Kauai mud on my hands. Plus, my hiking poles.

While writing this post, I enjoyed reading this post about the same hike. Thanks, The Hiking HI

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