Random songs of the moment.

Through postcrossing, I found a blog by a photographer who lives in Singapore who also reads YA fiction. We seem to have common interests and so I’ve been checking in.  She has a great feature where she will now and then post the video to a song. I think this is brilliant and plan to do the same thing. I’ll start by copying her. This is a very fun video, both to listen to and watch.  If you like dance numbers or cute 50s dresses, this is for you.

Here is Kathleen’s original post.

4 thoughts on “Random songs of the moment.”

  1. I was like, "That looks like Zo – oh. It is. That's right. This is her band." Lol.

    I didn't love the song, but I want to own every single dress of the main female dancers and the video was pretty funny.

  2. The dresses are TDF. I like how they are modern versions of 50's silhouettes. Very adorbs! The song is pretty catchy. Do you own the whole album now or just this single?

    And yes, I know, dating myself!

  3. Yeah, I don't own either, just watched it on YouTube, modern girl that I am. Music is definitely in a stage of "why buy the cow…" Which is sad, but it's not like I would be spending money on music even if the music didn't come for free.

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