REI Co-op Member #2

I don’t read the obituaries on a regular basis, but at times I’ll skim them.  What I have been doing for years, is match the birthdates of the current people listed in the obits with people in my life.  For many years, the people dying had birth years similar to my grandparents, 1908 and 1912.*  It’s now incredibly rare to find someone who was born in 1912, and the 1908 people have been out of the running for some time now.  Now I mostly find people my parents age, or my own age.

But here!  Mary Anderson!  Only one year younger than my grandfather, and three years older than my grandmother. What an exciting find!  As was the news that she was member #2 in the REI co-op.  My co-op number is much higher than hers.

*My other grandparents were born in 1898 and 1900, but by the time I started playing this game, everyone their age was more-or-less dead.

3 thoughts on “REI Co-op Member #2”

  1. 107! Wow! Did the article happen to say if she continued to climb mountains into her later years? It seems to have done her great good!

    Also, until this moment, I had no idea REI was consumer-owned.

    1. It didn’t say how long she kept climbing mountains. I’m guessing for a long time, crazy, long-lived person.

      I’m guessing you have never bought anything at REI, because every time you do, they ask if you want to join the co-op and then are very aghast that you don’t want to. Because it’s such a good deal.

      It is a good deal, but only if you shop there more than once per year. I’m a member, because they finally wore me down.

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