Requiem: Merrell shoes

I bought these at Pie Footware and they were magical shoes.  I loved their design combining tweed and plaid.  They also were the type of shoes that made my feet look much smaller then they are, and they came with a Vibram sole. Overall, a very big win.

They have slipped from the rotation though, so it’s time to move them along.  Thanks cute shoes, for being so cute.

5 thoughts on “Requiem: Merrell shoes”

  1. Its always hard to get rid of such hardworking shoes! But good to recognize that they are no longer part of the fashion party! I have a lot of my professional shoes that will be getting a big review after I start working again to see if they are really valuable.

  2. Those are some adorable shoes! Did you donate them or did they go to the great shoe store in the sky?

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