Requiem: The Below-Thirty-Degrees Coat

Is there anything better than a plaid wool coat?

This was my coat for when it gets really cold* in Portland. It’s wool construction makes it super warm, and I pair it with real gloves (not the $1 stretchy guys I usually wear) and a hat that covers my ears and neck.  Then, I’m ready for any sub-30 degree weather. (Portland rarely sees temperatures in the 20’s and even more rarely does the mercury drop to the teens.)

However, my hips have exceeded the capacity of this coat, and thus I am sending it off to be consigned.  Hopefully, the next person will love it as much as I do.

*I realize that Portland’s “really cold” is laughable when compared to other areas.  I’ve lived in colder places, and had more intense coats.   But intense coats are not needed here.

2 thoughts on “Requiem: The Below-Thirty-Degrees Coat”

  1. I promise I was not going to make any commentary about your really cold days! 🙂 Yay for consignment! Both for making it to the shop and finding more $$$ to add to your pay down plans!

    1. I knew you weren’t. I had to write it because people are prone to telling me it’s not cold here. But it is! Because I live here and not where the winters are colder than they are here.

      That said, it’s been a really mild winter.

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