Saying goodbye to vintage apartments

I missed taking a picture of these units before the deconstruction began.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if what I’m looking at is renovation or deconstruction and I miss my window.

This was a five or six-unit complex on Interstate between Rosa Parks and Lombard. It wasn’t in the greatest of condition, but probably could have been rehabbed.

Instead, we’re going for deconstruction.  Which is too bad.  Look at this great fireplace detail!


The siding used to be yellow

I am interested to see what replaces it.  I guarantee that whatever appears will not be in the financial realm of the tenants who used to live here.

4 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to vintage apartments”

  1. Oh, that fireplace is magnificent! I’m sad that it will probably be completely destroyed. My guess for building replacement? Generic modern apartment building with no parking.

  2. Meh. It feels like someone should at least come in a salvage some of that gloriousness. Unlikely, but I’m going to put my wishful thinking out there.

    I know you’ll keep us posted on what is to come…

    1. In Portland, things must be deconstructed, rather than demolished. It’s a new (maybe in the last five years) law. I don’t know if it applies to multi-family units, or just houses. So this might have been deconstructed.

      The update as of May 2017 is that it’s a lot with gravel on it and a fence around it.

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