Screen Replacement Project Complete

Many (many, many, many, many) years ago, someone stole a screen from the triple windows in our living room. Why? I do not know.

Soon after, Matt went to see about getting a replacement, and the person at the hardware store he talked to sold him a kit with screen, metal things to cut into a frame, and a tool to install the screen in the frame.

I looked at the kit and was not inspired to take action. Matt wasn’t either, and so for many years we just opened two of the three windows. We didn’t even get around to making a new screen during the quarantine time of the pandemic. I figured we never would.

However, today, Matt got out the kit and the hacksaw he would need. And in about an hour, he made a replacement screen! Amazing!

Well done! It’s nice to be able to open all three windows at once.

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