Singing in the square

I haven’t been back since the first one, but this year it was time again to sing in the square with Pink Martini.

I went in 2013, and this was not very different. It was still lead by Thomas Lauderdale, China Forbes and members of Pink Martini. (No Storm Large this time.) There were still free umbrellas. There were still free songbooks. This time, there was free Salt and Straw ice cream.  And this time my friend Tara came with me.  We had a great time singing.

Also this time, there was a woman wearing a full-on wedding dress. The man with her was wearing a t-shirt tuxedo and so were the two boys.

Partway through the singing, a cluster of buff and shirtless young males wandered in and observed the proceedings. They did not sing.

Turnout was smaller than the first time I went. I’m not sure if that’s a general trend or a just a this-year thing. I enjoyed myself immensely and hope to sing again in the future.

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