Sisters. Cold.

I woke up to find that it was 25 degrees outside. I did not hurry out of my warm room. Instead, I lingered near the fire nursing my tea. But because I came to the town to explore it, I headed out. It was slick. Not really freezing rain-type ice, but just enough coating to make me step carefully. The only other people I saw walking where gingerly making their way from their cars to shop doors.

And that gray sky never got any lighter. And the temperature only increased by two degrees.

Here is the aforementioned path to town via the campground. You can see that it had snowed at some point, but not much was left.

And here are some turkeys taking advantage of the empty campground.

There was a pretty covered bridge over the creek.

And a nice entry to the creek that probably gets some good use on hot summer days.

I had some business at the post office, so I walked there. After mailing my package, I stopped to read the lineup of postmasters. It looks like the Smith family had a lock at the beginning. And I can’t tell if Yvonne is the current postmaster or if they have wandered away from this way of tracking. If so, Yvonne has been at it a very long time, especially compared to her peers.

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