SKS postcard: diorama part III

Sara wrote this on 5/13/18 which she pointed out is 5+13=18. She often does fun things with dates, which is left over from her time as a classroom teacher.

This is the last of the creepy diorama postcards from New York City and I find this one to be less creepy, possibly due to the character’s face turned away, and the red hue. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be learning from this diorama though. Photo developing in a pre-digital era?  I’m already familiar with that, having taken photography in ninth grade, but perhaps people younger than me wouldn’t be.

One thought on “SKS postcard: diorama part III”

  1. I do always love a fun number play with the date. I just can’t help myself. Good point about it being slightly less creepy!

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