SKS Postcard: Fight or Buy Bonds

Aside from fighting and purchasing things, it looks as if artistically losing your shirt is also an option.

This is from an exhibit at the Walker Art Museum that Sara attended with her father. She reports that she has finished adjuncting her class and will grade when she and Shawn return from the Shawn Tour–a vacation of Shawn’s growing-up places.

One thought on “SKS Postcard: Fight or Buy Bonds”

  1. And return I have…so after some futzing around and working through the laundry piles, it is time to grade. That is how the rest of today will be spent.

    Also, the postal cancellation SMOOGIE on the front is annoying. I guess I don’t expect them to be pristine, but not have the central image goobied up!

    Okay, first item on the to do list done: 10 (actually 11 because I couldn’t resist popping in to this post) posts commented on – 5 old and 6 new!

    Have a great day! Now to grading!!!

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