SKS Postcard: Kristin Pavelka

Today’s postcard is labeled 3 of 4. It’s been three days with a single postcard delivered, when I know they were all posted at the same time. Is my mail person playing a trick on me?

On this postcard Sara talks of something, but most of the information is on postcard #2 which I have not received. But she says I should check out #CITroublemakers to see more.

And I have! From that hashtag, I can see that Sara hosted a panel with Carla Shalaby about her book Troublemakers: Lessons in Freedom from Young Children at School.  Thanks, Twitter.

One thought on “SKS Postcard: Kristin Pavelka”

  1. I love that the hashtag sent you to our event and was included here. So fun!

    Thanks to being sick this weekend we did not make it back to the arts center for Art Attack this weekend…so perhaps no one will be getting one of these pieces.

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