SKS postcard: New York

This is a great postcard from Sara which she picked up at a NYC street fair. It’s an advertising postcard–the back is full of details about the artist, but Sara has covered most of those details with blank address labels, so she can write me.

Sara reports she’s made it to the last day of the semester!  Hooray for that!

If you want to see more from this artist, her website is

2 thoughts on “SKS postcard: New York”

  1. I did leave enough to get the deets, right?!?! I loved her work and really thought about buying a piece, for my sister. But she was with us, so we snagged a postcard for you and opted for other Jess gifts.

    1. You did! And I’m thrilled that I got the postcard, just because Jess was with you. There’s an advantage to not going to NYC.

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