SKS Postcards from Minneapolis and the Women’s March

Hark! It’s a three-series of SKS postcards that all arrived on the same day. The. Same. Day. A miracle!

The back of this postcard is pre-printed with “I’m part of the #WomensMarch movement. I’m from… and I’m concerned about,”

Sara has written in ALL THE DAMN THINGS!

This caused me to chuckle.

The next postcard is from the restaurant I ate at when visiting in May for Sara’s dissertation. Sara reports that it’s a major moving prep day.

She also comments that Twilight-inspired academic texts really amuse her.

Me too, Sara.

One thought on “SKS Postcards from Minneapolis and the Women’s March”

  1. All the same day! We now know what a big deal that is! We have tested the bounds of the USPS postcard timing schedules.

    Glad I made you laugh, brought back a memory, and got a Twilight connection (seeing the cover on your post…kills it).

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