SnIce and Leora’s Memorial Service

I had planned on riding my bike to the memorial service, but then this happened.

It wasn’t really snow, but more like flaky ice, as shown in this photo of the cover to a downtown Max station.

Despite the weather many people attended Leora’s service. I was glad I did as I got to hear about many different stages of her life.

One thing I learned at the service was that Leora was not only an avid biker, but also a writer of biking-inspired haikus. Here are some of my favorites:

Riding in low gear
Eyes were bigger than panniers
Curse you, bulk aisle

White cherry blossoms
Look just like shards of windshield
Ahead in the road

Biking in a skirt
You just got passed by a girl
Sorry I flashed you

Cheap margaritas
Do not mix with rolling hills
Pedal home to barf

Morning hastiness
Is not a bike rider’s friend
Where are my panties?

Think I have a flat
Keep checking my tires’ air
No, just out of shape

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