Stand-in camera not making the grade.

I broke my camera.  I dropped it, while putting away tools after working on this project.  It cracked and it was the crazy time of the year and I haven’t had time to take it in to see if it can be repaired.  Matt has lent me his camera and I’m thankful I have something, because having a camera at hand has become something that completes me.  But sometimes the shortcomings of the stand-in camera are maddening.

Oh, if you could only see the detail of this outfit.  His shoes were black leather, with grey spikes.  Not spikes exactly, more like studs.  But pointy, in triangles.  Then, the red pants and the grey sweater to tone it down, but combined with the gray bag and the hat to keep the interest going.  It was a picture of man-in-his-40s dressing perfection.  And all I got was this blurry picture.

And this one.

2 thoughts on “Stand-in camera not making the grade.”

  1. Aww, too bad about the camera. I hope it can be fixed! I think the outfit still looks nice, even though the picture is blurry.

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